How to Prevent the Post Conference Crash


While I originally wrote this for Forge3 in November of 2017, it still applies today. Now that we’re all back in the office after one of the best insurance conferences out there, read this an remember: you can’t do it all and that’s okay. Pick what works for you and crush it.

“Red Bull of Insurance: Every agent needs this conference in their life. The attendees. The staff. The speakers. All incredible. Want to get pumped up about the insurance industry again? Sign up for 2018 now and don’t miss out again.”

That was my review of Agency Nation’s 2017 Elevate conference that year. I affectionately dubbed this conference the “Red Bull of Insurance.”

It was eye opening. It was informative. It got my heart racing. It was a blast. And most of all—it got me fired up and motivated to get back to the office and make moves.

This is all great. Until you actually get back to the office. The energy from the metaphorical Red Bull wears off and you inevitably fall back into the normal routine. That’s when the awesome ideas you gathered from the conference start collecting dust in the corner.

So, how do you prevent the ‘crash’ after a conference? It’s easier than you might think. Essentially, there are two simple steps.

Step 1: Organizing and implementing what you’ve learned

Your travels home from the conference and the first few days back in the office are crucial.

So, as soon as you have a chance, grab your laptop or a sheet of paper and start organizing and digesting everything you’ve learned. Write out all of the ideas from the conference that you think could benefit you and your agency. But keep in mind, not every agency is the same and not everything you learn will apply on the same scale to your agency specifically.

Once you’ve got your list, pick out the two things that are most important and realistically attainable and create a plan to implement them. Then, start implementing!

Side note: I say realistically attainable because, for instance, while drones are super awesome, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to come back and talk your principal into purchasing one so you can shoot cool videos. I tried.

Don’t try to implement all the great ideas at once. You know the old saying… “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Step 2: Make sure you have an unlimited supply of proverbial Red Bull

I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again—the connections you make in this industry are so important. Insurance industry conferences can help you take make those connections. Once you return to the office, it’s your responsibility to foster those relationships.

This is where social media comes in. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are all great places to find encouragement and excitement—or proverbial Red Bull. Not only will this help to hold you accountable for your goals, but they will also encourage you to try new things.

Here’s a real-world example…

I’m part of a group of about 15 agents and insurance professionals—most of whom I’ve met at industry events and conferences.

We stay in constant contact. Every morning we check in with one another. If we have a problem, we reach out to one another. If one of us has fallen off the #5amclub bandwagon, we’ll harass—I mean, encourage—them to get back on it. And, if we have a new idea we’d like to try out (like short informational videos for social media), we’re there to provide each other with feedback and encouragement to keep moving forward. After all, relationships and inspiration like this are the keys to staying energized until your next conference!

The lowdown

So, now you know how to avoid the post-conference crash: organize and implement what you’re learned (take baby steps if necessary) and surround yourself with a community of inspiring, likeminded people (with the help of social media).

Here’s where I’m asking you all to hold me accountable…

My goal for 2018 is to implement video into my social media efforts. I’m great at taking selfies, but I’m awkward when it comes to video. It’s time to change that.

If I don’t have a video posted on my Twitter or Instagram by the end of January, you have every right to call me out—I mean, kindly encourage me—to get moving.

Update: thanks to everyone for holding me accountable! I now have my Whiteboard Wednesday videos up and running! 

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